A drawn picture of a young Agni. Made by HeavySkull


Agni was born in the city Glundorion (now known as Glundoria) He was raised to be the family Arcane Archer by his two grandfathers Qenaz Fireleaf and Agni Amelani. He had three younger siblings (Abaddon included) and an older sister (Angelica). He was by far the strongest of his siblings and was deemed to be heir of the city from a young age. He grew up hearing stories of Anthia from his two grandfathers Qenaz Sr. and Agni Amelani. He had always wished to go there but his grandfathers no longer remember the way there. Only that it was west of the city.

Agni was never content with being in the city, even with his best friends like Belirhac'yrd and others. When he turned thirty he left the city to get more training elswhere in places like Shalkwood and other unamed cities. Agni was constantly attacked by Assassins in his travels, but Agni dissmissed it with the thought it was just because he was the Glundorion Prince and heir.

Agni returned to Glundorion when he was 150 years old to find that his younger brother Abaddon had proclaimed he was dead and taken his place as the heir and Arcane Archer of the family. Abaddon was to be severly punished for sending assassins after his brother and then prolaiming him dead to take his place. But because of Agni's interference Abaddon was not to be executed and only sent to a magical prison for 5 years. Instead of being greatfull Abaddon plotted his revenge during those years on prison against Agni.

Agni continued his studies and training during those 5 years in peace, hoping Abaddon had learned his lesson but he was wrong.

Abaddon left the prison acting like he was sorry and regretfull but in truth he was trying to get Agni off guard. Agni though was to smart for him and saw though the fakeness of Abaddon's sorrow and was always incredibly wary around him.

Abaddon planned Agni's downfall carefully for several months. On the city holiday when the rest of the family was out partying Abaddon snuck back in to find Agni chilling in his room. Abaddon attacked Agni with power that surprised Agni. For a long while they fought with anger. Noticing that both the elder males were missing the rest of the family sauntered back into their part of the palace to see where they went. They entered Agni's chambers to find Abaddon poised over him prepared to deal the deathstrike.

The family rushed forward to defend Agni but Abaddon did something no one thought possible. He used Ancient Fire... the only fire able to kill a dragon. Agni was enraged as he saw his family burn to their deaths (All of them but Angelica died.). He broke the restraint Abaddon had placed on him and Agni and his brother battled again. Agni transformed into his half-dragon form and killed Abaddon by driving his sword though his brother's heart.

Agni stayed in the city for only a short while after, only to see his family be burried and to make sure Angelica would been healed by the best of clerics and healers.

It was not long after Agni had fled that Angelica survived and chased after him.

What happened for several years after is not largely known to anyone but Agni himself. He traveled from palce to place for a long time. He was found later in a large city in Shalkwood. He was engaged to a local elven Dutchess. Much to his surprise Abaddon showed up and slaughtered the whole city with legions of demons.

They battled again over the dead body of Agni's fiance. It ended with Agni beheading Abaddon.

Fleeing from the burning city, Agni survived in the willd for several more years. He found a city in the middle of a forest belonging to Wood Elves. There he strangely found a Drow that was heading to the capital of Anthia. Te place of his dreams. He went with her.

After traveling for several months over mountains, plains and half a desert he found out she was working for Abaddon who inexplicably had returned from the yet again. After another battle ensued the Drow sacrifiaced her life and saved him allowing Agni once again to kill him.

Agni reached Anthia and resided there for many years. (chapter 7) Abaddon did manage o return again and enarly destroyed the capitol but thanks to Agni and a group of powerful heroes he was defeated and killed... again.

Since then Agni has become a god of Justice, before they were killed he retreated from heaven back down to earth and sealed his powers away He has made peace with Abaddon after sealing him in a sword for over a hundred years. He became king as well for a long while. He was a wife and a single child (Qenaz Fireleaf Jr.) who now rules over Glundorion in his stead. He is still quite young for a Dracopath and is planning on returning to Anthia when he gets of his lazy ass.

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Agni is usually quite cheeful and happy Dracothrope.. He has a childish sense of humor. Agni has many morals and is usually quite a goodhearted person. Agni has a passionate hate for werewolves because once during his journeys he saw a werewolf clan destroy a village for no reason other than sport. He is very trusting and very loyal to his friends. Since he has become a God of Justice and Keeper of Chaotic Good Dragons his personality changed only little making him a bit more serious and a bit snarky. He cares greatly for his family and does whatever he can to protect them even if that means sacrificing himself. He gets bored quite easily and is always on the look out for fun.


Regular PowersEdit

  1. Draconic Stength
  2. Draconic Endurance
  3. Control over all types of fire.
  4. Ancient Powers (From when he was king)
  5. The ability to transform into a Half-Dragon and Full Out Epic Fire Dragon (Doesn't do either very much anymore)

Magical AbilitiesEdit

  1. Agni is a master on controling the elements Fire, Wind, Darkness and Light.
  2. Agni is also incredibly well versed and trained in Necromancy and has brought several people back from the dead
  3. His Ancient Powers have also boosted his magic ability and magic energy capacity greatly
  4. Agni is also very good as teleporting and using portals
  5. Agni has completely mastered reading, finding, using and fighting with auras
  6. Shadow fighting is also a way Agni prefers to fight. He can create an almost unstoppable amount of shadow clones that look, fight, are equipped and act exactly like him. This is known to annoy EVERYONE


  1. Agni is a trained assassin who prefers archery and stealth over anything else
  2. Agni is a master swordsman from his many many many years of training and experience
  3. Agni can fight with almost any weapon and is a capable brawler
  4. Agni likes to cover his arms or even his full body in Ancient Fire effectively making a Fire Shroud


  1. Agni is the head Arcane Archer
  2. Bows are Agni's main weapon
  3. That is all

Godly Powers (Not in use anymore)Edit

Agni's godly powers were not very well know for he very rarely used them. But his known godly powers are

  1. Completely control on the elements Wind and Fire (hence his miniture son creation that he used to kill the evil gods and banish himself from the materiel plane)
  2. His aura was slightly more power
  3. The Ability to go back and forth to heaven when he wished
  4. Agni was able to make his own heaven where his followers and friends went when they died.

((Rest of his info will be added later))