Arkaidus Oragen IV is one of the most powerful and sadistic demons to ever exist, and is the current Demon King. He is the first Demon King to bring the Demonic Empire to the surface and take over the whole of the corruption. He currently has a large personal clan and a small family within that clan. This family cosists of Leina Satanas and himself. Arkaidus' body is technically mortal, yet it would take an ungodly amount of force and holy energy to finally put him down. While this is true, his soul is a forever and eternal prescence. It can not be destroyed or manipulated, and it causes him to contantly reincarnate over and over again. After his body dies, he will become another Arkaidus in another plain. His final incarnation is one shrouded in mystery, yet it is surely to be extremely powerful and deadly.


Arkaidus' biology is mostly normal, except for a few changes. He has large, black claws and has a set of fangs that hang over his lips. His eyes are completely blood red and his body is huge. He's extremely tall and he's quite muscular, yet it doesn't seem like it under his suit. He throws up lava and his blood is completely black. His hair is crimson red, and he has very pale skin.

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