Blood angel

Regular Blood angel in Battle armor.

Blood Angels (Race)Edit

Blood angels are angels of vengeance who do not go by the rules of regular angels or demons. They are considered neutral, but yet abominations in the eyes of angels, but have an odd respect from the demons. Blood Angels do not care what either side says and go by true justice, not the corrupted justice made by angels and demons which only serves their needs. Their justice is served no matter what, some consider them angels of vengeance. They will go any surpass limit to serve justice, even if it means shedding blood.

Start Of the Blood AngelsEdit

The first Blood angel was Coal a ex-general of the angelic army of God, He became an Angel of Vengeance when his angel wife (selena) was killed and the angels ignored him and did nothing saying it happens, so he seeked vengeance and took matters to his own hands. He killed the man who slaughtered his wife and was stripped of his angelic duties and powers. But he aquired and created a new power. An angel who can shed blood and control it at his will. He started a new organization a neutral one. One where true justice would prevail and show no limits. Blood Angels can either be made from:

  1. Birth: When two blood angels of the opposite sex meet and mate.
  2. Blessing: When a blood angel of a high rank of power grants a non blood angel the privilage to be one.
  3. Soul transfusion: When a soul is put into the body of a blood angel and it is accepted.

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Notable Blood AngelsEdit

  • Coal
  • Kevin Downs
  • Ronan
  • Janice Quartz
  • Tristan
  • Clarrise