A New Age (Chapter 14) 410 AWEdit

As the sacred Land of Anthia entered a new age, problems arose. A man, titled ‘The Darkling’ rose to power, he ruled over Anthia in tyranny and with an iron fist. Many ran, some fought, but it was useless. The wisest adapted to this new era. The Darkling’s kingdom grew large and wealthy under him. He conquered lands surrounding him with no mercy. Under King Leonard The Darkling, guilds were formed. The first guild, a guild of magnificent warriors and people of justice, it was named the Guild of Guardians. As they grew in power the thieves and rogues of the streets did as well, they made a guild, named it simple. The Thieves Guild. They were rebels, scoundrels of the city. Sellswords begin to pop up in Anthia. Eager to become bounty hunters and assassins. They made their own guild the dubbed it the Assassin Brotherhood. Mercenaries and warriors tried quickly to gain as much power as they could, they began to trample the nature and destroy the wildlife. As retaliation, another guild rose, first started with only archers, but then rising to accept everyone. Archers, warriors and mages together made this new guild, with the name  Arcane Guild they sought to protect and preserve Mother Nature. Little advancement occurred in this new age, so idealists and inventors alike created an institute to call home. They called it the University of Engineers. They built cutting edge designs, powerful weapons and so much more. Finally the most cruelest of all the guilds arose, the Necromancers, Masters of Death and Life. They would the dead back to life to work as slaves and servants for them. They hid underground, far from the Kingdom’s laws. If someone dared interfere with them... blood would be shed. No one dared mess with the Cult of Necromancers, for surely, it meant a painful death. Then being returned to life to work as slaves. Many races began to migrate to Anthia as well. Werewolves were one of the most popular. Vicious creatures of the night, most were not very friendly at best, at worst they were ruthless and terrible. They created a guild of their own. The Werewolf Pack the called it. And through all of this rumors appeared, nothing more than a mere whisper at the late nights in the local inn. A rebellion was rising, it was coming for King Leonard... and it wanted his blood.

Revealing Sands (Chapter 13) 400 AWEdit

Over the years of peace that had settled upon the land of Anthia, it had began to rain less and less each day. Due to the lack of rain the Jungle had degraded to a vast arid desert, their town now an oasis struggling to supply water. Not many monsters could survive in this land, and they moved away or died under the intense heat of the drought. The guards had grown lazy due to the lack of attack, and the Anthian people took their safety for granted.The ward that was made to hold back the corrupt and Hallowed forces had withered away and vanished.However, Something else was keeping the enemy at bay... Two temporal gates that had risen to hold them back. The people of anthia were confused, yet they saw this as the "gods" caring for them and went back to their daily duties. Little did they know that the gates were not made for their safety, they were made to prevent escape... The sands had revealed a forgotten library under it's shifting surfaces, one that was built long ago.When the current ruler of the land sent a search team into it's mysterious depths, He had discovered the Anthian Archives. In the center of this Library there was a Runic Obelisk, the ruler ordered for it to be deciphered.A grim look appeared on the ruler's face as he/she read the translation, discovering a prophecy to come.

Anthia uses chapters to separate time skips or other large events that happen. Here's a quick summary of the chapters so far.

" ...And may not one but many plague the land with chaos, the Grim Tyrants of Evil shall rise to power and purge salvation...""

A Fresh Start (Chapter 12) 380 AWEdit

And so the end of the frozen ward was in sight as the seals were broken and the dream - maker was defeated. Although the ending of the frozen ward had unexpected results, with the great build-up of snow melting and soaking the land. Due to this large melt of the ice and snow the dirt that was hidden below this snow was oversaturated, as well as the land having a great build-up off magic that the frozen ward had released. This oversaturation and build -up of energy caused the dirt to turn into mud, and a great jungle to grow and warp throughout most of Anthia. This jungle was a great supply for wood, for those that had survived the frozen ward’s end. Due to this large availability of wood the king of Anthia, at the time, with the help of the citizens of Anthia had built a large and prosperous town. This town had a large and very skilled guard force, near army, designated to protect it from all forms of attack. This army consists of every form of offensive and defencive fighting style, varying from wizards to warrirors and even rangers. Apart from this the king of Anthia then spent the next few years fighting and pushing the hallowed and corruption back, till they could push no further due to the concentration of the offending force. Once at this stage a great blockading and warding of the corruption and hallowed was ordered by the king. This warding and was successful and held back the corruption and hallowed, forcing the forces behind it to sit and wait for the warding to weaken. Thanks to the hallowed and corrupt forces being withheld from Anthia as far as possible, Anthia grew prosperous once again. Thanks to this prosperous growth the population of Anthia grew, and the warding checking gradually lessoned as no breaks or cracks were found.

The Frozen Ward (Chapter 11) 360 AWEdit

The land of Anthia after this, "civil uprising" the the kingdom was broken down into sections pf land. The old kingdom lost more than half it's land while the rebels with their new found land made there own kingdom. However due to the bloodshed and chaos that this "conflict" brought it was a signal to all the dark forces of the world be it old or new and they clashed in and around anthia reshaping the land as they saw fit. There was chaos in the land of anthia and with chaos draws in old and ancient enemies the corruption and hallowed forces pulsing beneath anthia were great and were like a beacon to monsters everywhere. a last ditch effort of unknown hero's managed to place a seal over the world stopping the fast growth of corruption and hallow. The gods,demons and angels slowly lost interest in anthia for now. There was a price for the protection however as the hero's soon found out with the corruption and hallow banging on the ward constantly it warped the magic protecting the ward and turned most of the upperworld to ice and snow although this did keep them out it did little to help the people of anthia. The dark forces waited and in the darkness new things intelligent things were being to spawn underground to help bring back there be loved war.

A New Start (Chapter 10) 260AWEdit

What was left of the now poison leaking Vortex imploded, taking with it it’s poison and damage it had done to the land. Sensing change in the earth the people of Anthia dug their way upwards ten years later. They discovered a beautiful world. Full of life and rich vegetation. They gasped and wondered at what had occurred, but the happiness did not last. The people, worried and scared of the stories of the past, set up a tyrannical monarchy with harsh rules, not wanting to destroy this beautiful new world. Eventually, the winning alliance of the undergound world, Rippervale, took control over kingdom.

Many were in opposition to this new form of government and a secret underground society of rebels formed. Connected to the wilderness, outside of the kingdom, they planned for revolts and revolution. In the distance, the Corruption was slowly returning, but weaker than before...

Buried Surface (Chapter 9) 250 AWEdit

A dark night spread across the Anthian land. No stars appeared, and the air became cold, the torches died out and the world was left in darkness. The airbecame too cold to breathe and without fire to keep them warm, they once again fled to the vortex – although, the great oceans were now frozen over and this made travelling easy. They stood in horror as the vortex cracked and started leaking poison onto the land. With desperation in their eyes they leaped into the vortex. The poison gas was much stronger inside the vortex and they became disorientated.When they awoke, they saw buildings from their home left long in decay. The world had died and the surface was toxic. Doing the only thing that they could, they dug deep down into the land in hopes of forever forgetting the surface. This was years ago and those who survived the travel from one world to the next have moved into the depths of hell. There are people still coming through the vortex but it has started to close now – the time of journeys are over.

While the inhabitants of the underworld grew restless, there came up a conflict of who would be the supreme ruler of the area. After much conflict, two main alliances, known as the Chaos League and Rippervale, started a war. The winner of the war would be the ruler of Anthia.

Back to the Present (Chapter 8) 200 AWEdit

Due to the time vortex people had come through to the past from the future. People had changed the future by using modern skills in the past and teaching it to people of the time period, but no one ever realized the mistake they were making. A war happened unlike any other the factions of old attacked each other, but it was not till the darkest and final hour that the decision was made which would corrupt the very fabric of time and reality.....To Flood the world was Kohans decision.

The rains started first, then rivers swelled, flooding started and finally the oceans rose. Soon the land was disappearing beneath the waves. The Kohan faction used this to attack as they gained the upper hand beasts from the deep started to show up in the oceans forming on land and began to consume everything. In a desperate attempt to flee the people tried to force themselves through a time vortex. Forcing themselves through the timestream was violent some were ripped apart trying to go back, but this act of fleeing warped the time they were going to. When the survivors arrived they were glad to be alive but the world they left was no longer the same they appeared on a small single island. Gasping in horror at the world they had created a world of ocean and islands as far as the eyes could see.

The Chosen Time (Chapter 7) 200 BWEdit

The 5 Great Factions ruled over the peaceful lands of Anthia. Each one desired their own goals, but all had a peaceful harmony despite there differences. This was a untold time of peace for Anthia where all things were calm and day to day life was rarely affected by the monster hordes. The people were happy about their lives living within the great city's and the few who lived outside were few and far between. Though the nations preferred to co-exist, some differences were made clear, and a few had a dislike for one another but were otherwise friendly towards each other.

The people of this divided nation discovered a crack in time from the rift. Many of the few adventurers that jumped into the rift of time ended up in this era out of the crack.* (Occasionally, mighty mechanical beasts spring up from the cracks) Here, the past and future Anthians now try to fix the hole in time and prevent their past disaster from occurring again.*You may use the same characters from chapter 6, but they will find their inventory clean [starters only] and HP/MP reset

Return of the gods (Chapter 6) 210 AWEdit

After their long, long, absence, the gods of the land have awoken once more. They used their great power to clear the land of the snow from the blizzard. Now, they have come back to “help” the people; giving quests and revealing mysteries.Now, the adventurers all go out and survey this new land so they can re-rebuild Anthia with the help of the immortals.*

  • towards the end of this chapter: With the gods returning, the corruption spread like a wildfire. The citizens of Anthia fought back as hard as they could but sadly, the forces of the evil demon king were stronger. The darkness and corruption crept over the land and fighting with the hallow that was supposed to purify it. As these two element mixed, the world quickly turned unstable and broke the rifts of time (greifing). Some adventurers jumped into time itself in hopes of finding a way to fix the paradoxical fate of the land.

The Blizzard (Chapter 5) 205 AWEdit

During the great reform, the corruption spread through the kingdom from the west. The buildings and town became corrupted as never before seen beasts and monsters rose from the corrupted land. The people of the kingdom were forced to move east, but they collided with a strange new, but still dangerous type of land. The people went into hiding and went underground or moved to a new land in search of a safer home. All hope seemed lost for this developing land and the expansion slowed to a halt.

Suddenly, a great storm of ice and snow came upon the kingdom. After months of non-stop snow storms, the whole kingdom became covered in ice and stopped all spread of the corruption and the new land come to be know as “The Hallow”. Some survived and some were lost, but the land was now safe; covered in snow. The remaining group of people decided to again, re-establish Anthia as a great kingdom.

Anthia’s Reform (Chapter 4) 200 AWEdit

After the great shadow war, all of Anthia began to bounce back, life thrived again. All was well. Buildings were built. Factories were made. The population was growing. Until a dark, evil, enemy from long ago reappeared. The Corruption. It began spreading, growing until it reached Anthia.

Now two centuries after the war, Anthia has grown into a large, yet prosperous kingdom. The corruption from the past began to spread even and the people of Anthia constantly battle this threat, whether it be in their homes, on the streets, in the wilderness, and corruption itself... Who is left to save this corrupted land? Will new heroes rise to the challenge and push back the dark influences of corruption back to where it originally came from?

The War of Gods(Chapter 3) 000 AWEdit

After Purgatory (temp map) was destroyed, half of the gods who returned became Corrupted “Rebel Gods”, who waged a war against the council for the ownership of Anthia, and its mortals. The gods and mortals chose the east and west side of the land and thus began a great war for the righteous ownership of Anthia. The war ended with no definite conclusion. Many had fallen, and even more injured.All of the gods returned to their realms leaving the adventurers to recover for themselves.

The Curse of Anthia (Chapter 2) 100 BWEdit

Once the Demon King was defeated, the land once again fell into a period of peace. Suddenly, the curse of the past demon king sprouted again. The kingdom of Anthia was transported into a new dimension. A small group of survivors formulated a base in order to look for others. Unfortunately, not many survived this strange dimensional shift. The remaining heroes and heroines welcomed the survivors and began a new kingdom. The gods awoke from their long rest and saw the weakened land. They decided to help the group of heroes and thus began the new era.

The Past of Anthia (Chapter 1) 150 BWEdit

It was a beautiful day in the land of Anthia. People amongst themselves talked and greeted each other. Nothing could go wrong in this land of peace until the coming of one night...

The moon turned blood-red, and the grasses and trees turned purple when the Evil Demon King attacked the land. Blood rained down as knights and warriors were slain all around the evil King; it was a massacre. Entire races were wiped out, forests burned down to the ground, and even the gods fled! The unimpressed demon king left the land after spreading corruption and evil monsters everywhere, but he did not realize there were a few survivors left. The remaining, elves, orcs, and dwarves all united, vowing to rid the land of corruption and restore peace to the once pleasant and green land!