Name: Correx Skin color: Pale Eye color: Purple Age:11 Hobby: ???

One of the vessels of the demon king took the name Correx Anther. He was the heir to the throne of Moso the 2nd. He was the first ever demon king who was so close to many bonds that he was able to become a non-evil demon king. This did not mean he wasn’t forced to do evil things like wage war or kill innocent but he showed a very large amount of good which disgusted most of the other demons. Correx Anther not only was the youngest demon king to take the throne but instead of waiting for his father to pass away he battled and killed him for the throne.


Correx Anther was a very wealthy child in the world named Earth. He had no idea he was a demon what so ever. He lived with his father Moso the 2nd and his mother. For the 10 years he lived in earth he showed inhuman agility to the children and a large scale of strength even though he was as skinny as a twig. At his 11th birthday he had a surprise. His father slaughtered his family and the whole city he lived in. Correx was enraged and started bursting out with power he never felt before. But after a few seconds not even with the boost of power could he be a match for Moso the 2nd. After that his father sent him to Anthia where he grew and became stronger. He had 3 masters. Nero Aligheri was one. He teached him how to act like a demon and think like one. He did not completely agree with Nero but he listened on. Celebrant was also one of his masters. Correx spent most of his time in anthia training with Celebrant. He became Celebrants ace student and soon apprentice. He showed great potential and since he was kind hearted like Celebrant they started adventuring together to make Correx stronger and move toward his goal. To kill his father. His 3rd teacher was Agni Fireleaf the glundorion god king. Correx looked up to Agni as a model figure while growing up but slowly started to grow small sparks of dislike toward Agni. At Correx's 12th birthday he was cursed by the titans (Tricked by his father) and he had curse marks all over his body for few months. When he went to cursed mode his skin would turn into blood and he would go on 4 legs. He would grow a tail and his wings would fall off. The wings got quickly replaced by larger wings made of bones. He would grow claws on his hands and gained the power to shape shift and turn into blood whenever he wanted. This was considered a curse because Correx could not control himself during this stage. During the age of 16 Correx had met his father at last and the 2 wills clashed. Correx was badly injured after the battle and the whole battle arena was destroyed. But Correx felt at peace after this. But his peace didn’t last long as Cyrion a ex god king arrived. The 2 did not like each other and could not even finish a conversation without a fight. When Correx was 21 he was very powerful. He pasted Celebrants limit and was right behind Agni Fireleaf. He was throned the titan king also after showing massive amounts of potential and power. He passed his other former master's power Nero Aligheri but Nero proved to be more experienced and still more skilled then Correx. When Cyrion killed all of Correx's comrades (the titans and gods) it enraged Correx. He challenged Cyrion to a fight knowing that Cyrion has more power then him and MUCH more experience from absorbing the titans and gods. Correx still fought boldly. That was the day Correx Anther had died.


Correx Anther had snow white hair and dark purple eyes. He would wear a white tuxedo as a child and over it he would wear the Chaos storm armor. He would also wear a hood for reasons unknown. He never let people see his face as a child from the disgrace that he looked very much like his father. (Aside from the white hair) He ALWAYS wore his 2 fingerless gloves. The left side had the letter C on it and the right had the letter A on it. The left one would be black and the right one would be black. As a teenager he continued to wear the same cloths until one day he had ripped his hood and his gloves also. Luckily Nero Aligheri had created copies of the gloves but they were both different. They were both black and was not made of spider silk. He continued to wear those but he did not wear a hoodie anymore. At the age of 21 Correx changed very much. His hair fell down more now and he was much paler. He wore a black tuxedo instead now and no armor. He would not wear his crown.


The Encrogan is a blood line trait that is exclusive to those in royal families. But even in royal families it is almost completly rare and sometimes non royalty gain a Encrogan by having a lust for revenge. Correx is a highly skilled Encrogan user. The Encrogan is very dangerous even to the user. A con of the Encrogan is that it multiplies negative energy 10x. It also causes a large deal of muscle stress and eye bleeding. A positive thing is that when it is used your body moves so fast that it seems like you have adrenaline rush and everything around you is moving much slower. Your normal walk would seem like running and your running would be a blur. Your powers will be enhanced and your strength will be multiplied. There are 2 ways of knowing a person is USING or HAS a Encrogan. If they are using a Encrogan they will have a line running through there pupal seperating it and each pupal would have different colors. A way to know if a person has a Encrogan is by a mark on there body. This mark is usually on the neck or palm. It will look like one of these 3 types of marks: A sword with 3 serpents surrounding it, A flaming bow and arrow, A wand with words such as sadness, hatred, and chaos surrounding it. There are 3 types of Encrogans. The first basic Encrogan. The second Advanced Encrogan. When you use a Advanced Encrogan instead of 1 line a 2nd comes and stops at the 1st. It splits your pupal into 3 and all of the cons (Except the negative energy) and pros get multiplied 10x. The Elite Encrogan is when a 3rd line splits your pupal into 4. All cons and pro's (Except the negative energy) is multiplied by 100. A person has to unlock the encrogan. They are not just born with it. The way to unlock the encrogan is currently unknown. You also need to unlock the other stages. Now normaly there are only 3 stages of the encrogan but that was not the case for Correx. He unlocked 2 new kinds of encrogan. Ones that only he could Master. When he died he died with the Eternal Chaos encrogan. Now he knew that only a blood lined user could master it but he still gave the power to Ronan in hopes he would stop Cyrion but his death and hopes went in vein.


Regular powers:Edit

1. Inhuman instinct

2. Shadow stealth

3. Rogue experience (Skilled in many different missions such as: Search and destroy, Retrieval, and Ambush)

Blood line powers:Edit

1. Basic Encrogan

2. Advanced Encrogan

3. Elited Encrogan

4. Eternal Chaos Encrogan

5. Starbolt Encrogan

6. Deception of Bonds. (Illusion. Warning highly dangerous)

Titan/Demon king powers (Not usable by Correx anymore)Edit

1. KanKan curse form 1

2. KanKan curse form 2

3. KanKan curse form 3

4. KanKan curse form 4

5. Eternal Chaos

6. Lightning of Alignment


It has been confirmed Correx will be reborn but he will not have any memory of his past life and will not be related to the demon royal family what so ever. He will look similar to how he looked before but also different. He will wear bandages of his right eye and his bangs will cover that up. He will wear a small white vest and a purple t-shirt under it. He keeps ear mufflers around just incase he feels the need to use them.