Dark ElvesEdit

Dark Elve

Dark Elves are a sub-species of elf, known for their dark gray skin, their namesake. Another iconic feature is the

bright red eyes, though this is not always observed in members of the dark elf family. They are about the same size as regular elves. It is said they where once like normal elves but spent so much time in the shadows there skin began to fade and darken.


Drow were once regular dark elves, but they betrayed their kin and joined Loth. They all have a small amount of demon blood in them which turned their skin purple and high stark white.  Their eyes are usually red with the rare purple. They are known to usually be evil and merciless, but there are few exceptions. They prefer small crossbows and single edged swords (I.E. scimitars and knives). They usually tip their weapons with different poisons and potions.
Drow by helmuttt-d3its65

A typical Drow Warrior

Drow Rogue by NezyrWorks

A Drow Asassin Also known as Bryce The Cursed Shadow

Notable MembersEdit


-Belirhac'yrd Aleanth