Arkaidus in power

Arkaidus an Ex Demonlord in his form of power

Demonlords are a sub-race of Demons. They are much more powerful than normal demons, and usually hold multiple forms. They regenerate extremely fast, and are known to have an ever greater blood lust compared to that of a normal Demon. Their powers can range from extreme speed and strength to humongous magical prowess. Demonlords are the second highest social construct in the Demonic hierarchy. They serve directly below The Demon King himself, and bow to no other man. Demonlords are known to be extreme purists, holding corruption and Demonic blood in the highest regard. This purism makes them detest and hate most Angels, and some humans. Demonlords are also known to be extremely power hungry. This will lead them to create their own clans of Demons and sometimes acquire very exotic pets from deep within the corruption.

Notable DemonlordsEdit

Arkaidus Oragen IV