Demons are a violent, bloody race, known to cause chaos. Many, many demons are quite evil, but on occasion you can find a demon that is aligned with the forces of good. Demons usually have dark magic at their disposal, but often they'll use weapon types not involving magic. They were/are goverened by The Demon King. They tend to have a grudge against angels, getting quite violent. Demons tend to be rebellious and chaotic, greatly believing in personal freedom. Some Demons are known to strongly believe in purity of blood and race, only interacting with other demons. There is a sub-race of Demons called Demonlords. This race is the second highest in the Demonic hierarchy and the members of it have the powers of any regular demons ten-fold. This allows them to regenerate at an exponential rate and gain near immortality. Most Demons look like normal human beings, except many are much larger and more muscular. This includes some having horns and such.

Notable DemonsEdit

-Correx Anther

-Nero Aligheri




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