Fire half dragon

A Fire Dracopath in Half-Dragon Form

Lightning half dragon

A Lightning Dracopath in Half-Dragon form

Dracopaths (also known as half-dragons) are a type of dragon that usually has some elven or human blood in them thus allowing them to have a normal form. Most Dracopaths can also change into a half-dragon form and the strongest of them can turn into a full out dragon. They mature somewhere around 15-30- years of age and Dracopaths, unlike Lycanpaths, can turn into a half-dragon and/or a full dragon at will. Even Dracopaths that have very little dragon blood begin to turn sooner or later as their draconic blood begins to take over the body leaving them with usually around 8/10 dragon and 2/10 either human or elven

There are many Dracopaths in Anthia, most namely the Fireleafs and the Just families. Who are some of the best heroes and guardians in Anthia.


A Dracopath in its regular form can look like any human or el (depending on the rest of their non-draconic blood). When in their Half-dragon form they usually grow scales, horns from either their temples or from the center of their foreheads, wings, a tail, claws and most faces of dracopaths begin to look more dracon (growing scales, a more canine mouth). Many eyes of dracopaths turn pitch black, red or even when when they are about to turn. The color of their scales depends on which branch of dragon the person is from.

A very experienced and learned dracopath can turn into a full dragon.

Notable DracopathsEdit

  • Celebrant Just
  • Agni Fireleaf
  • Celeborn Just
  • Rosey Just
  • Belirhacyrd Aleanth
  • Angelica Fireleaf
  • Sylvia Just
  • Qenaz Fireleaf Sr.
  • Qenaz Fireleaf Jr.
  • Skull
  • Findarato Amras Ancalime

Known Types of DracopathsEdit

  • Hellkite
  • Glundagon
  • Necro
  • Dark
  • Fire
  • Ice
  • Wind
  • Lightning
  • Light


  • Enhanced Strength
  • Enhanced Duribility
  • Enhanced Stamina
  • Near invincible skin and scales
  • Control over certain elements
  • Some have the ability to Shape-Shift