In the beginning of earth's creation, the Gods were born and begun transforming the planet. Among these beings were the first 6 dragons ever to walk this earth. They were each gifted by an element.

Flarebrass ( fire ) - FlareBrass are know as the very image of power. They can erupt Volcanoes, have it rain lava ash, and meteors. They are also known to be able to open rift's to Hell with ease. The more it rages, the more powerful it will get; Mercy cannot be known by these dragons. They are tough competitors with Ahzi Dahakas for territory. Among the other elder dragons, they are the fastest on land, and the only ones who can breath lava like a fish with water. They are easily manipulated, but will downright refuse to enter hell at all costs if told. They eat rock and metal to fuel there burning fire. Their weakness is boredom, if one becomes bored long enough it will enter a deep sleep. This is the time to get them, although almost none of them get bored, and they awaken at the smell of metal. Hydra ( water ) - Hydras are among the Deadliest Denizens of The Deep, only afraid of other Elder Dragons and The Leviathan. They are to blame for Tsunamis, Whirlpools, Typhoons, and share the blame with the Quetzalcoatl for hurricans. Hydra's have many heads, and they regrow 2 more when they are seperated from there bodies. They are among the most intelligent beings on the planet, and there minds are entertwined to co-operate with flawless percision. The magic these dragons are capable of is inspiring to master wizards. It is an even match for the QuetzalCoatl, for it's sonar cannot detect them in water. Hydra's wait in ambush for a fishing QuetzalCoatl so they can syphon the Electric power from them. this sometimes backfires as if the hydra is seen before-hand, it will be shocked severly instead. Hydras cannot fly, and they are not adpet as others when walking on land. Even the term * a fish out of water * somewhat applies to the Hydra, but beware that it does not simply have you implode using it's magical power. Ahzi Dahaka ( earth ) - Ahzi Dahakas are all one with the earth, and they can cause earthquakes, decay the strongest metals. Revive ancient trees and even move mountains. Their supirior scaley hide is among the toughest material around. Breaking the bones of this dragon is nearly impossible, only FlareBrass, Titans and Gods have ever been successful. These dragons are very strong, only the flarebrass can compete with them. They often compete with the FlareBrass over mountain ranges and peaks for territory. These dragons eat trees and other plants along with elephants and beached whales. Even though they have wings, they cannot fly far due to there massive weight. This means sky islands and airships are more safe from these Montrous dragons. Airships only need to be weary if a mountain is thrown at them . . . and thats if you piss it off. Ahzi Dahakas are extremely patient, so angering one is never worth the effort. QuetzalCoatl ( wind ) - QuetzalCoatls are masters of the sky, they can cause tornadoes and hurricanes, and are Extremists in the ways of air and lightning. They are perfectly aerodynamic to maneuver around arrows and cannonfire. They often fight with wyverns over territory, and win almost everytime due to the fact that they eat wyverns and harpies. These dragons are capable of canceling out moderate magical power as well a emitting EMPs from the charged cells in there skin. Their do however have skin, not scales. This means a blade can easily cut them open . . .If you even manage to hit them. The QuetzalCoatl almost never lands when flying, they even sleep in the air!Lastly, they emmit sonar freguently so ambush is almost impossible on them and cannot be blinded. Tiamat ( dark ) - Tiamats are made when a Flarebrass is possessed by a powerful demon, and enters hell to sleep. They are also formed when an Ahzi Dahaka manages to enter hell through the ocean of lava and breaks the barrier. The mighty Tiamat's are chaotic evil dragons that reside in hell, causing torment wherever they walk. These dragons have an involentary aura of pain and fear surrounding them. They can see in utter darkness and do not need to breath or eat. To read the mind of one is to live through 1000 years of torture, you will most likely explode from incomprehension first. the poisoness spine on it's back are revered by legendary assassins for it's potency and keen edge. The only thing Tiamats fear is the sun, and light magics. Use these if your not already killed by one. If you can hear it, run . . .If you cannot, your probably already dead then. Tiamat are most powerful when in hell. Bahamut ( light ) - Bahamut are created when a Hydra is fully charged by a QuetzalCoatl, or a QuetzalCoatl pierces through Heaven's wall once it finds it. These mighty beings are deemed kings of the dragons; for their leadership skills and judgement is pure and true. Justice is what they seek for misguided dragonkind, and they have an exstensive memory of the planet's laws. Having platinium scales allows them to reflect attacks rather than absorb them. Having Diamond teeth allows them to eat anything without fear of poison and disease. Some gods seek Bahamut's as war mounts and as friends. Only the Alpha Bahamut is never chosen, for there has only been one, and he intends to keep it like by refusing to fight, and instead to Guide others instead. The more corrupt a Bahamut is, the less powerful it becomes. Once it hit's an even balance of good and evil, it Reverts back to it's previous form and cannot return to Heaven, nor enter hell. Killing one is called *the secret sin* and the very fabric of your exsistance is deemed an Omen.