Fire BornEdit

T he fire born are humanoid elementals created by Yena (The Goddess of Death) in The God War from the lavas of hell. The first two Fire Born where Zei and Zie, the most powerful of their kind, they were gifted with the power to create more Fire Born, but with each fire born they made the next became weaker.

The fire born production continues through the war, with the first born being the most powerful and the latest fire born acting as the grunts to the first. The war continued on, more fire born falling and more being created. By the end of the war, the remaining Fire Born where weak and feeble creatures, and only Zei remained of the originals.

Yena, having no need for them any more granted them their freedom. The new fire born where so weak that they could scarcely survive the world, and could be killed by the weakest of foes, in one final attempt to save their race, all the remaining fire born sacrificed themselves to form a final Fire Born, Ignis .