Fire Elemental

A fire elemental. Note the flaming limbs, head, and lower body.

Fire ElementalsEdit

Fire elementals are creatures born of the magical binding of fire based substances into a living being. They are not to be confused with the Fire Born, a race created by the Goddess of Death, Yena. They are the direct opposites of Water Elementals. They can be found in volcanic areas, or areas with large amounts of fire, such as Hell. Due to their tendencies to live in Hell, they have a grudging agreement to avoid war with each other. Few fire elementals are sentient, as most are created by creatures that aren't very skilled with magic. They use fire based weaponry, and are entirely fireproof, but are entirely at risk from water and cold temperatures. Most fire elementals are entirely made of fire, but some are comprised of other various elementals, such as ash, lava, and obsidian.