Frost wears a large scarf and does not have that mask.

Frost is a character made by Key of Destiny. His true race is unknown though many call him a Frostling. Cold is the thing that keeps him alive and without it he would die. He finds life to be a bother and would let himself die if it weren't for a sacrifice a girl made.


Before Chapter 13Edit

"The world treats me as a monster...I don't have anyone else anymore...You were the only one...Please...Come back...Come back!!!"

Frost was a young boy who once stumbled across a village. He showed no expression other then despair and sadness. He was encompassed in an aura of cold that drove people away from him. Some people feared him. However a girl stumbled upon him. She went over and just stared at him. Then she greeted him with a smile and took his hand. He looked up in shock and then she led him away. Over the course of 4 years she did her best to raise his spirits and make him happier. The aura he had slowly faded. Until one day he began coughing out blood. He looked to her with pleading eyes and pointed to where he came from. The girl smiled and picked him up. She started running until she came across a snowstorm. She layed him there and he couldn't move. The girl shivered and then suddenly fell to the snow. Frost couldn't do anything. He couldn't save her. All he could do was watch her. Watch her die. The people around him began to hate him. Treat him as a monster. He went from dispair, to happiness, to nothing. He just became utterly stoic. The people feared him even more due to this. 

Chapter 13Edit

"I only live for her. What I wish for most for is death. But I cannot stop living."

Frost one day roamed into Anthia. He was quiet and never said a word. Nothing changed. People felt his cold and left. They thought negatively of him. he thought negatively of them. Though, slowly, people warmed up to him. Frost's days were spent helping others mainly for his own gain. For his own survival.


Frost is able to conjour ice out of thin air and freeze other things.

Elemental CatalystEdit

Frost is an elemental catalyst. His scarf is his item.