How a Jade Man's skin may look.

Jade Men are a race of magical beings who live in Zyoe Zin .

They get there name from the jade texture and look of there skin and since there are only male Jade Men.

The Jade Men are "birthed" from the jade pits in Zyoe Zin. The rock forms in the shape of a man and one day the shape becomes a live. The Jade Men do not age and do not grow. Though they can die. There are not many Jade Men due to the nature of there birth.

When a Jade Man is born, he picks the path of The Sage or The Warrior . They are then trained in the arts of there selceted path by Jade Men who have already mastered the paths. Once they have completed there training, that usually takes 90-100 years. They are free to do as they please. Most stay in Zyoe Zin to train other Jade Men or help the locals there as healers or hunters etc.

Note: The Jade Men can ONLY be Jade Warriors or Jade Sages.

All new Jade Men must /warp Jade an e begin there RP there.

The RP reason fro Jade Men coming to Anthia is The Jade Emperor extending his power across the world. So he is sending Elite Jade to Anthia to establish power for him.