Leonard S.(Darkling) King of Anthia

Leonard S.(Darkling) is a character played by Cresent whose main role is being the Dark King of Anthia. He is hated by many for his harsh rule and evil acts but this is all part of his plan.

Chapter 13Edit

Backstory: Edit

So you would like to learn who I am huh?” *chuckles* “Well then let’s get started.” It all started before I was born. My family was from an ancient bloodline of the Darklings. Kings, Emperors, Heroes, the greatest of Evil masterminds and sources of authority came from our bloodline but a common thing is we would always fail when we were our strongest. My ancestors were fools truly getting caught up in the moment. Ha....they would all set themselves up for failure. From (insert evil fanatasy dude here) to (Insert a hitler type guy here) they were all Darklings. True entities of evil, of darkness. But now I am the last alive of the Darklings and surely the strongest. But enough of my sad family history How about we move onto me.

Born on (Date unknown) My mother and fathers were mere Dukes of the First Kingdom, Pathetic truly. They never used their powers because they held some pact with the king. Truly sad to hide such power just because of some idiot with a gold hat said so. But I never really “agreed” with that pact. I would go out to the mountains and practice my magic. When I was put into an academy, I decided to of course make everyones lives miserable. Heres my favorite her name was Rachel she was a Star student, one day I led her outside school grounds with me “I want to show you something....” I said, she smiled and said “Ok.” I led her into a forest and first did all sort of....unmentionable things. But after our childish acts I turned into her biggest fear. A rabbit! HA I laughed all that night I ended up making her go crazy. I manipulated her judgement and made her kill her best friend. She confessed it was her leaving all of her friends limbs in the academy and their moms house. She was sent to a prison for life and she eventually killed herself by snapping her own neck (not sure how, but it seemed nice) my love life has been quite entertaining. Women are great test subjects. Well....I killed my parents most of the kingdom and ruled for a while enslaving the king and queen making them act like muts.

Overall I will rule all who defy me. I will destroy anything that stands in my way. I will manipulate you to serve me. So prepare yourself hehe...The Darkling has arrived."

Chapter 14Edit


".....I don't have much to say really, I have it all. As a father, as a child, as a king I've never regretted anything. Now it all catches up, 10 years into anthia's politics, civil wars, and other actions. I am still the king, I have led these people to good but have done it through rough measures. I can admit I have killed and hurt many, I've always told myself not to let emotions get to me but they somehow catch up to me. My emotions are my greatest enemy they have always been, they are the things I cannot get rid of....Only hide. To this goddamned day I still remember milia and all the ones I loved and lost. 10 years have passed and I still look for her....Pathetic truly but I can't stop, I loved her and still do. Aside from my love life, I have accomplished many things, with anthia I have managed to take over 4 more highly powerful countries and are using them to continue spreading my reign. I am an emperor, and soon will be the ruler of all. I kill or punish any who defy, my intelligence has gotten me this far and will still get me even farther. The a thing I hate sometimes is my charm with women and my ruthlessness at times. Poor miia had to be killed, I killed her because of things in the past (but I have to blame the demon for part of it) , she was clever but.. Nevermind, as the new age arrived rebels are still coming, I constantly get rid of them but they always come back, they wont give up and it is pitiful truly, they are the fools who starve themselves hoping for a "miracle" for their nation to go back to its original state of "freedom". They do not understand how I have helped them they only see in the momment not in the future. I have brought this country to be rich and with order. But fools dont understand these things. They are people driven by emotion and will only tend to fail. The wise ones have gotten their own form of power. The guilds have helped me but also seem to stir trouble. The engineers guild which is directed by my dear, dear, Silver, she is a fin- DAMN my old affairs! Gah this is what i'm talking about my damn problems with women. But aside from all of this shit here is my final point. People are out for my blood, old friends, family, lovers, All are hunting me. But sometimes the prey can become the hunter. But here is the Big question. Who is the prey?"


Leonard like many others in history is a infamous race called "Darkling". These creatures of the dark can control darkness and much more too their will. 

Basic abilities:Edit

  • Darkness Control: Controls Darkness can shape into things
  • Dark Travel: Moves and communicates through shadows

Special abilities:Edit

  • World of Darkness: Puts the enemies if they get trapped in a Darkling personal world *their home turf where they have control*
  • Voids: Only the highest ranked and most royal/skilled can open the Voids of Consumption

Abilities only Leonard has:Edit

  • 3rd World Voids: These voids are one of a Kind and open up to different Consumption Gates.
  • Universal Consumption: A huge beast that consumes whatever is in his path.
  • Jack: An experiemented kind of darkness that switches from attack to defense mode.
  • Will Bending: He can only bend wills of someone when skin contact is involved.

Deeper BackgroundEdit