Magnus was a dark elf born when the surface of Anthia was too toxic to inhabit, and everyone fled undergound. He

Fire Mage

Magnus in the heat of battle, literally

is the son of two unknown dark elves, and the grandson of Malum, son of Cthulu. He was kidnapped at a very young age into a goblin camp, where he grew up, beated daily. Here, he learned how to perform magic, which he mastered later in his life. When he was about 16, a small band of dwarves came and rescued him from the goblins. He lived out his young adult life there, and married his first wife, a dark elf known as Trina. When he was about 25, a goblin army came, and attacked, killing his wife. As Magnus watched his wife die, he felt a deep, ancestral, demonic rage. He summoned a ball of pure dark magic, and hurled it at the goblin, dooming it to a slow, painful death. Magnus ran, no longer caring who won, simply knowing that he did not belong there.


Magnus eventually reached Anthia, and settled down there, stlil clinging onto his wife. Eventually, he let go, and began to deal with other matters at hand. He was in active conflict with the corrupt, evil side of the ex-King God, Cyrion. This dark half, Zaldbathar, was much too powerful for Magnus, but Magnus kept fighting and trying to find a way to stop him. Eventually, as an attempt to deaden the energy Zaldbathar was leaking out of his shrine, Magnus channeled pure chaos energy into an energy conduit. He tried to commit suicide later, but failed. He began to fight once again, dealing with Malum the whole time, whispering in his head to kill everyone. After the war between the Chaos Legion and the Rippervale army, Magnus left Anthia after commiting suicide... and being brought back. He ran once again, and after 2 years, he settled down, and led a village. Malum left his head when Magnus killed himself, and he led a goblin army to Magnus's village. Magnus, an arch-mage at the time, saved his own life, but no one else survived. Malum prophecised his death, which did come later in his life. Magnus went back to Anthia, a braver and wiser fellow. He defeated Malum, the demon that ever haunted him. He fought against Cyrion when he became corrupted, but gave him a powerful weapon, the Titan's Seal, to help end the second God War. The God War did end, but Cyrion took the souls of the friendly titans and gods along with the enemy ones. Magnus confronted him, but failed, being put very close to death. When peace finally came, Magnus left to his homelands, determind to end the goblins there once and for all.


Magnus defeated the goblins, and adopted a child they had held captive, an elven girl named Gemini. Life went well for quite a time, but a day came where he had to save Gemini from being sacrificed. He did this, but he was forced to fight an extremely powerful demon, ending in his demise. His soul remained, and when the dead demon was revived by his daughter, his soul was reaped. Magnus spent what seemed like a millenia being tortured in the cruelest ways possible, unable to properly die, being already dead. Eventually, another demon killed his captor, and gave Magnus the chance to sell his soul in exchange for another chance at life. Magnus accepted, and was given a new body, and the title of "Magnus the Phoenix". He found out before too long that he was no longer flesh and bone, but ash and obsidian, with magma running through his veins.


Magnus is a brave person, often showing a foolish side of him when lives are in danger. Otherwise, he is cocky but wise. Magnus does not approve of discrimination (despite hating goblins). Magnus oftentimes knows that he can't win a fight, and yet still engages in combat under those circumstances. Magnus grew up not having any wealth, and due to this, has little idea of it, and as a result, Magnus has no sense of greed.