Malum is the son of an unkown woman (assumed to be human) and the Outer God Cthulu.

He grew up in the depths of hell with no mother. He learned very quickly about the art of deception and mastered it, gaining allies and tossing them away at will. He gained a grudge over the years that eventually turned into a hatred that corrupted Malum's mind. In an unknown period in his life, he clawed his way to the surface. He promptly ripped the wings off of an angel that greeted him, and tossed it into the hellhole that he had escaped from. He went to Anthia, simply wanting to raise hell, but he did not stay forever. When the air became toxic, he headed underground, but not before violating several women...

One of which would lead to Malum's grandson, who would eventually defeat him. When the poison began to affect Anthia, Malum found a goblin camp underground, and proclaimed himself ruler. He watched at a distance as his son grew, married, and fathered his own child, Magnus. When the child was 2 years old, he mobilized his small army of goblins to kidnap the child, which they did, to great effect. He did not interact with his grandson, but the goblins did. One took him in, and gave him his name, Magnus. Malum ordered the goblin mage that adopted him to make his life hell, not that he needed to be told. The goblins knew what kind of power Magnus held. But when Magnus was in his teens, Malum craved slaughter. He told a neary goblin city of a goblin camp nearby. Within days, there was an attack, and Malum watched the dwarves take Magnus into their city. However, it was not happily ever after, as Malum grew his army once again, and sent them to attack his grandson and grandaughter-in-law. This turned out to be a mistake, as Magnus survived, and had a grudge. Malum opted to exchange his body for a place in Magnus's mind, taunting him whenever possible. After 10 years, Malum went back into a body of his own, and gather his army to once again attack Magnus. This failed, but Malum promised the death of Magnus.

When he went to Anthia to personally attack Magnus, he was defeated, and his remaining life energy was put into a small stone. Many years passed, with Malum remaining inactive, until he was given to Magnus's daughter, Gemini, with his dying breaths.