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Ori, drawn by Bladie

Ori is a character played by Blade. She is a Viera, aged 63 during chapter 11, in which she plays a minor role. She is a great friend of Orion, who she falls in love with early on.


When she first appeared, Ori only spoke to the spirits that followed her. She became less quiet soon after arriving at the central town. She proved her hatred of evil after attempting to save a family from dying in a house, which had been caught on fire by Asadon. She is a well-balanced fighter, with her weapon of choice being a rapier made from Orichalcum, for which she was named. She is also skilled in other forms of swordplay. She is also able to use anima magic for non-offensive purposes. Her rabbit ears allow her to see without using her eyes, and hear voices far away. Her feet are very agile, but is weak when it comes to sustaining hits. She uses her knowledge to survive almost danger, including being frozen.


Before chapter 11Edit

Ori was born in a forest on an island in the same general area as Anthia. She was trained to be the seer of her clan, known as "Erasia." This tightly knit family of vieras had lasted for a few generations, and was made up of at least seven different families. The slow-aging Vieras had a long time to become friends, living three times as long as the average human. They also have three times as long to decide their destiny... But Ori was born different. White hair is considered a blessing to Vieras. Ori, the Light-Haired, did not choose her destiny-- It was chosen for her. She was to be a seer for the Erasia. At the age of twenty (For humans, she would look nine), Ori's training began. Through her journeying, she was forced to travel dangerous terrain, to gather herbs and make choices. She was on her own for much of her life, and it would stay that way. The Erasia clan was to meet it's end soon. Ori was thirty-seven. She was just returning from a long mission to find an herb to cure the sickness of a young girl by the name of Cyra. She was like a sister to Ori, and survived through sheer willpower. Ori found her small village quiet, and barren. There were still people around, but they seemed to be dying. Ori arrived in time to watch Cyra collapse and die. Ori ran to her, and picked her up. She was too late for Cyra, and too late for the Erasia. She remained vigilant, but could not save the vieras from their imminent death. The seer left for her own safety three days after watching Cyra die. She tried to continue her life as a nomad, and took up the last name of "Erasia," as was the norm for humans. She learned to keep herself strong, as many wished to use her feet for luck. She traveled continuously for the next thirty-two years, living in villages for a year at minimum. The traditions and diversity of others became less alien to her over time. She finally decided to return to an island where she once lived at the age of sixty-two, where she would appear to be twenty. Ori got lost on her way home...

Chapter 11Edit

Ori had stowed away on a boat, which she left, once she got to the island. She believed she was home, but there was something different about it. She did not recognise the area she arrived on. It was covered in snow, instead of forest, and there was little life... But she did not care, and begun her journey to a village. She found a strange town. There were many people living there, none of them vieras. She met a few of the citizens. She examines the multi-floor central building. When she ascended the stairs, a not-quite-of-age male (by the name of "Noah") looked up her skirt, causing her to be angered, and leave the area in embaressment. Later on, a male named [Stardust Hades|Stardust] gave her his cloak, because she was cold. Shortly afterward, the demon [Asadon] destroyed the lifes of a human family by burning the building they were in. Ori attempted to save them, but this only succeeded in getting her clothing partially burnt. A few days later, Ori had an argument with a clothier, who not only was trying to sell her clothing which was very revealing, but was selling them for a very high price. Orion, who was listening to this, solved the problem by buying normal clothing for her. To pay him back, Ori allowed Orion to sleep in the destroyed house when he needed shelter. Then, they told each other their stories (Orion having been reluctant to tell her.) Ori later found herself in danger of becoming the enslaved Trinity Dragon's host. Nienna returned to her less-evil form, and restored much of Ori's memory. Orion found them, and Nienna revealed that Ori's memories seemed to point to Ori being in love with Orion. Ori was again taken captive about a week later when the ice king froze her, and stored her in his ice dungeon. She was saved by Yin and Zazony. Ori temporarily re-awoke with help from Zaxony. She soon lost consciousness again, and was re-frozen. Ori awoke again, this time alone, and found the now-rebuilt home that Orion now lived in. Orion took her in, like Ori did for him.

Relationships with other charactersEdit


Ori and Orion are strong friendsh. They met after Orion heard Ori arguing with the clothier, who insisted that Ori, who was in desperate need of new clothing after her current outfit had been lit on fire, should buy a miniskirt and a very revealing shirt. Orion listened to the conversation (although he denied ever hearing anything) and bought Ori clothing that she found appropriate, as well as a hat. Ori later allowed him to live in the destroyed house with her, where they told each other their tragic stories. By this point, Ori had fallen in love with Orion. Later on, after Ori awoke from the second of two cryogenic comas, Orion took her in.


Ori is a white-haired Viera. As a viera, she has long rabbit ears. She usually wears a hat, given to her by Orion. She mostly wears a robe-like skirt. Her skin is of a light tone, and her eyes are bright green. She often wears two shirts; One over the other.