Quos RoshunEdit

Quos was born in the swamp land of Tres'rodon . At a young age he began training in Water Magic. It was there
where he was taught the powers of water, he trained there for many years with his master. He learn the ways of the swamp and in time became a powerful Elementalist. For years he studied there in harmony but that all changed when agents of The Monarchy attacked, the inhabitants of the Monastery fought well, but were overwhelmed bers of the enemy forces. Quos was captured and imprisoned, and many of his brethren slaughtered. He was then taken to Anthia to be sold as a slave

Once there Quos escaped slavery and founded The Rebellion that went on to overthrow The Monarchy. Quos was a powerful Water Elemental.

Quos gave his life essence up to create a newer younger Water Elemental who is currently unknown.