Starter RacesEdit

  • Dwarf
The children of the earth, the dwarfs where born of the earth in the very beggining of anthia. They are a short race and prefere to live underground. They are best suited for melee combat and physical forms of combat but they can take up magic if they want, though it is a uncommen occurance.
  • Goblins
Goblins are known for crafting the best swords of Anthia, but also for their teamwork. A lone goblin is a rare occurasion, and that usually only happens when he lost his companion(s) in a fight. Goblins from other lands might sometimes cross the sea, and attack in huge armies, wich vary from sorcerers, archers and warriors. Goblins can master anything, as their armies prove, and having a goblin on your side is a good thing; he'll provide you with weapons and is the best companion you could possibly have.
  • Humans
Humans are like the humans of our world.
  • Elf
Elves are mysterious creatures, known for their speed and agility. They prefer bows, throwing, spears and staves. Also, they are the best fletchers of Anthia and can be split into Dark Elves and Light Elves.
  • Half-elf
A cross between a elf and a human.
  • Elf-orc
A cross between a elf and a orc.
  • Neko
Are Cat-Humanoids with tails, they are a newer race in anthia and usually have pained pasts. They have tails and fur like cats but look human and talk.

Advanced RacesEdit

Advanced races can only be picked if you have qualified to have a second character, you can make your own custom Advanced Race and use it if it is accepted by the application managers over on The Terraria Forums: