Skull's sketch, made by HeavySkull

Skull is a character played by HeavySkull in Anthia. He is a dracopath , and he exists since the generation of Anthia's world.


Skull was an errant Dracotrophe looking for a home. He was nameless... until something happened. He was goallessly passing trough a big desert, when he found a giant weird-looking building in the middle of the desert. A man was sitting and meditating there, his clothes were lacereted. When the sun went down, Skull tried to get inside of that building, but the old man stopped him and said: "Hold on. I'm the guardian of the Dungeon, so get away from here or you'll die." Skull didn't take care of the old man and went inside the "Dungeon". He was going deeper ad deeper into that big building, when he heard a strange sound coming out from the darkness: a giant skull was trying to attack him, so he started to run very fast. Skull escaped from the Dungeon, but the giant skull was still following him! So Skull pulled out his trusty Excalibur and slashed the monster. The two fought for hours, and the Skeletron died in the end. To remember this epic battle, the winner decided to use "Skull" as his own name. When the Dungeon Guardian was killed in that fight, he cursed Skull. Skeletron awoke Skull's evil part, and since then Skull had 3 souls in his body. He needed a home to rest, so he settled in the nearest village, known as Anthia.

Skeletron's soulEdit

One of Skull's souls was the Skeletron that cursed Skull's body. When someone dies, and Skeletron's soul is inside him, the soul will escape from the dead body and curse another one. This is how Skull got cursed by the Skeletron.

One day, Skull committed suicide because his friend Blake got possessed by Evil Skull's soul and jumped from a roof. He thought he couldn't live without his Evil part, so he committed suicide after Blake. Skeletron's soul then got out of his body, but he resurrected Skull, because they were good friends. Then, the soul possessed the nearest body: in this case, he cursed Orion.

Evil's soulEdit

Normal Skull tried to get in the underground Anthia. But without Skeletron, this type of things are really difficult. Evil Skull could help Normal Skull to get to the Underground Anthia, but while he was digging deeper and deeper, Hell's demons wanted Evil Skull to show up. Normal Skull turned into Evil Skull for a moment, and the demons gave Evil Skull the power to take control over the Darkness. Normal Skull disliked the Darkness, so Evil started an intestine battle against him. After a long mental battle, Evil Skull beated Normal Skull. Then, the worst dracothrope of the world was finally free.


Today Skull is the manifestation of the three souls he had, he is old enough to be the best warrior in Anthia. He travelled, he fought, he died, he lived... he's experienced and powerful.



Skull is extremely cold and arrogant. He doesn't like new friends, he just recognizes the only friend he had before beating Normal Skull: Nero . He has no mercy for anybody while fighting. And when he's enraged... he becomes even worse. Evil Skull is actually a brutal person, but he likes something: he likes the night, the demons and he still remembers Correx's curse. And he likes it. But, as someone once said, under that frozen heart there may be a warm heart that wants love to become a better person. In fact, Jen Corsea once changed him with her love.



  1. Finger snap: causes him to disappear or teleport. Can also cast Air wave.
  2. Air wave: causes a big air explosion.
  3. Skeletron's Spirit: Skull evokes the instance of Skeletron's soul and turns into a skeletal dragon.

Armed (Excalibur)Edit

  1. Hyperspeed Slash: Skull quickly snaps and slashes the opponent.
  2. Surprise!: (only when invisible) Skull appears behind the opponent and stabs him or cuts his throat.
  3. Dark Lance: Skull stabs the opponent in the heart (or in the chest) at insane speed.

Skeletal DragonEdit

This form is truly powerful and when Skull is in this form he can easily kill even the Destroyer and the Twins at the same time.

  1. Skull's Breath: Skull emits an energy blast from his mouth.

Angel of Darkness's powersEdit

Skull got some of the Angel of Darkness's powers when his Will appeared to him and gave him a part of his power.

  1. Enhanched Strength.
  2. Enhanched Speed.
  3. Finger Snap can summon a minion out of Darkness.
  4. The minions can transform their arms in anything Skull wants.

Normal AbilitiesEdit

  1. Enhanched Strength. (Dracopath's Strength)
  2. Ability to turn into a full Human or a full Dragon.
  3. Capability to use wings to fly.
  4. As he's an instance of 3 dead souls, he can't "die" or feel pain.