The Demon KingEdit

The Demon King is the epitome of Evil. The embodiment of the corruption. A plague that has harrased Anthia since the dawn of time.

The Demon King is immortal and can not be killed. He is a spirit that uses hosts to interact with the mortal world. He fuses with his host and there minds become one. The host of the demon king's skin is marked with a purple pigment.

List of Demon KingsEdit

1st Demon king : Devon

2nd Demon king: Moso Anther

3rd Demon king: Burglash

4th Demon king: Moso the 2nd

5th Demon king: Correx Anther

6th Demon king: James Algheri

7th Demon king: Arkaidus IV Oragen

There have been no demon kings since the Rebirth